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Inspired by Jennifer Lopez's diva/electro glam new video 'On the Floor', which features the singer in breathtaking couture stylized beauty shots, Fl@unt has selected some of the most recognized music video captures - for the fashion, beauty or simply the effective tone - from artists that keep these videos present in our memories today.

ONE OF THE BOYS - JLo 'Gonna Be Alright' ft. Nas (2002)

CRYSTAL EMBELLISHMENT - Britney Spears 'Toxic' (2004)

BARE REVEAL - Usher 'Confessions Part II' (2004)

SUPERSTAR BLAST - Beyonce 'Crazy in Love' (2003)

DARK HEAVENS - Kanye West 'Power' (2010)

SPIKY EDGE - Lady Gaga 'Telephone' ft. Beyonce (2010)

ROUGE INDULGENCE - Christina Aguilera 'Lady Marmalade' (2001)

TOM-BOY TWIST - Aaliyah 'Try Again' (2000)

        GREEN-EYED BEAUTY -  Rihanna 'Rebhab' ft. JT (2008)

SHINING RELEASE - Leona Lewis 'Bleeding Love' (2007)


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