Chris Brown - is his Judgement Day over?

After a more than turbulent couple of years following the abuse incident that has overshadowed his life ever since, it seems that fallen R&B star Chris Brown has re-gained a secure footing in the music industry, creating positive media exposure in relation to his music in order to help push his forthcoming album F.A.M.E. 
      With the album release pending Chris needs to make an incredible amount of extra effort compared to other music artists in order for his music to gain sales - but do you think Chris deserves music success considering his past actions involving Rihanna? Or do you think his music should be considered separately from the man behind it?

Yet Chris is part of his music. Of course, we all make mistakes and it is often these which generate inspiration to create more music so that we can reflect on who we used to be and whether we have changed personally today. Chris Brown made the ultimate despicable action against his partner, but if Rihanna says she wishes Chris the best - shouldn't his fans too?
      Its unfortunate that this situation occurred with Chris as he's such a talented young man who had superstar promise before the brief moments he lost control. He has still remained relevant in the last year, releasing a mixtape and other undergound hit songs, showing his determination to rise back to the top - and we don't blame him, he boasts alot of creative musical talent.

Chris' violent actions will always stay with him and so we should at least appreciate that after apologizing countlessly, Chris' troubled past has hopefully educated him into understanding the true essence of manhood.


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