Rihanna Focus Fading?

After disappointing ticket sales for her US tour 'Last Girl in the World', Rihanna has had no choice but to cancel dates in five cities. So how come the lost interest? For a woman who is constantly in the media spotlight through public appearances and rotating radio airplay, it seems puzzling that her popularity does not translate through the music.

Is this the end of an era for concert ticket prices? Its sure heading that way if people are not willing to pay such amounts for mega-popstars such as Rihanna. Yet, if she is not able to sell out her tours it probably isn't fair to class her as a 'megastar' just yet. Considering the path current reigning superstar Beyonce took in order to achieve the success she has today, Rihanna may still have a way to go before she is considered in the same calibre.

Fl@unt understands that Rihanna is certainly overexposed which we assumed was due to her music being of popular demand, however she has not yet achieved a Number 1 in America for any of her albums. The sexually explicit lyrics to her current single 'S&M' lead to several bans through radio and MTV causing the single not to sell as well as her previous singles.This explains why Rihanna is keen to publicize herself so heavily as this is the only way she can attract as much fans as possible and push her way to the top.

This is one feisty, determined woman and so we're sure she will not let these disappointing turns stop her from fighting to stay at the top. No doubt she has achieved international praise and recognition, however maybe Rihanna should take some time out to refine her focus in music and tend to the quality of music she creates, rather than endlessly churning out albums to sustain audiences' attention. 


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