Styling Out on the Stage

Nicki Minaj is currently on her first major concert tour throughout the US and has been sporting some wacky stage outfits - which is no surprise considering Nicki's typical colur-crazy, lycra tight fashions. What do you think her stage style?

The outfits Fl@unt can accept as part of the persona of Nicki as a crazy sexy female rapper, however the high-top wigs we cannot excuse. Fl@unt is all for change in the hair department, but the Nicki please ditch the Frankenstein hair!

Fl@unt takes a look at the hit (and miss) styles rocked by major artists on stage:


Clearly by the name of the tour, Rihanna was going for the X-rated look and she goes full throttle with it, baring as much flesh as she can get away with. Make-up is flawlessly feminine with flushes of pink blusher and silver eyeliner contrasting with the hard-edged outfits - which of the two shown here, we prefer the pink.


Beyonce experimented with various stage fashions on her last tour, sporting hard-edged leather armour for 'If I Were A Boy'and there was a general theme of structure in the shoulder and hip/bust areas to accentuate B's famous curves, adding a modern look to B's image. She loves her shine and feminine sparkle though, which was also used to full indulgence.


There is definitely a theme of daring-to-bare all-in-ones on the stage and Gaga pushes this look to the fullest potential. As explicit as Rihanna's outfits and possibly more sparkly than B's - Gaga, of course, takes her stage look to the most extreme level.


Like the goddess of love, Kylie spreads her love for her fans through her theatrical musical show following the theme of a fantastical, mythical Ancient Greece, fitting of the soothing nature of her current trancy sound.

Which stage look do you prefer?


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