Programme Pick - Great British Hairdresser (Channel 4)

Have you been watching the Great British Hairdresser? At first the concept sounded rather unexciting watching hairdressers continuously cut hair, however this competition has a twist. Top celebrity hairstylist James is searching for the next best hairstylist who has a unique eye for dressing hair to compliment and enhance the make up and fashion stylings of catwalk models and vamped up celebrities. 

James has styled an array of stars for shoots and public appearances such as Kate Moss, Keira Knightley and Sarah Jessica Parker so he knows exactly what it takes to become a successful hairdresser. He uses his past experience to try and educate the contestants into what the hair styling world is looking for in a top hairstylist -someone who 'follows the brief', works 'accordingly with other stylists' and ultimately completely obeys everything James orders from them - which each contestant amusingly finds difficult to commit to.

At the end of each episode one contestant departs until James finds the winner who will achieve the career status of a prestigious hairstylist travelling the world on dream jobs alongside James. A firm taste of high fashion, material edginess and dramatic visual effect is what James wants to see in hair, but who exactly is able to please James with their talents throughout and secure themselves as the winner? We'll have to watch and see...

Mondays, E4, 10pm.


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