Pencil Drawing

Well, one of things I've always like is art and drawings. I can show you a drawing I found in Google and that uses perspective very well, and at the same time is kind of cool! 

See some videos as well,

(Black and White) 
One of my drawing when i was in High School.

Fine Art Photography

Fine art photography refers to photographs that are created in accordance with the creative vision of the photographer as artist. Fine art photography stands in contrast to photojournalism (which provides visual support for news stories, mainly in the print media) and commercial photography (the primary focus of which is to advertise products or services).


fall colors

fine art dance photography



Los Angeles fine art photography palatki h sf2.17

Christian Louboutin Spring/Summer 2011 Shoes Collection

Christian Louboutin Spring/Summer 2011 Shoes Collection

No doubt, talented footwear designer, Christian Louboutin has a special place in fashion world. Shoes designed by him are always in high demand by fashionable women. His ultimate shoes collection is adorned by women who want to look and feel great from head-to-toe. Christian Louboutin Spring/Summer 2011 Shoe collection is also one of the hottest shoe lines and sure to please anyone who love glamor and style. 

Christian Louboutin Spring 2011 collection is perfect synonymous of class and sophistication along with high quality and wear-ability. This latest designer shoe collection is all about bold colors, incredible designs, having high-skyscraper heels and platforms. The sizzling collection of Christian Louboutin is outstanding, fantastic and of course, top of the line. 
Christian Louboutin Spring 2011 footwear collection is an fabulous style-loaded funky assortment with multicolored stilettos in vibrant tones. Spring 2011 Christian Louboutin women’s collection features cute bows, polka dots, buttons, zippers, fringed highheels , metallic buckles and chic flowers. Some shoes are designed to add pizzazz to look of any vintage style outfit. Platform shoes from this collection are also exquisite and pretty comfortable.
Pump shoes look excellent and are ultimate treat for fashion lovers. With signature vibrant red-lacquered soles, Christian Louboutin collection can woo anybody’s heart. For denim lover, button down denim heels and denim zipper heels are also available. High heeled ankle booties are great to worn with skirts, shorts and skinny pants. Everyone knows that this designer loves playing with colors and this time Christian opted for navy jeans, electric blue suede, green, as well as a multi toned

Authenticity of Christian Louboutin shoes can be easily find out with red sole. If the soles aren’t red, they aren’t Christian Louboutin shoes. So, get ready to enjoy your spring with dazzling shoes from Christian Louboutin and attract plenty of attention at street, events and parties.

Korean Fashion Trend

Fashion can really leave its print over the way others perceive you so adopt a trendy and stylish fashion style that defines your personality. Be inspired with these Korean fashion trend.

Welcome to Fashion and Art Trend!

Welcome to  Fashion and Art Trend. This site is all about fashion, Clothes, fashion clothes pictures,and also about different kind of arts.Make fashion and art trends work for you. Fashion is art!

Cockroach Tattoos in a Beautiful Ass

That is a really great Cockroach tattoo that you have on your ass. Call me crazy, but I think the only thing that could top it would be not having a Cockroach tattoo on your ass.

Dragonfly Tattoos Meanings

Dragonfly Tattoos MeaningsThe dragonfly became an internationally popular tattoo design, mostly chosen by women, starting fro the later half of the 1990’s. It has not yet lost on popularity and there are many reasons for that. Dragonfly tattoos are often very artistically portrayed, but behind this appealing look there is a stronger underlying meaning.

Dragonfly Tattoos MeaningsDragonfly tattoos are mostly seen on women, probably because they have a feminine appearance, being fragile looking and having beautiful, colorful wings. Many artists have created wonderful tattoo designs based on the dragonfly and due to their reflecting of the light and showing all kinds of colors, there is no certain color that has to be used. Dragonfly tattoos come in all colors and they all are equally suitable and attractive.

Dragonfly Tattoos MeaningsThe dragonfly is also a tattoo that is suitable for many body parts such as ankles, lower backs, shoulders, thighs, and wrists. There are thousands of designs available and they can even be downloaded or at least researched over the internet. All you need to do to find dragonfly tattoos is to do an internet search. The results will be overwhelming.

Tribal Dragonfly Tattoos

So you've made a decision which you want a tribal dragonfly tattoos. Tribal tattoos have turn out to be really well-liked lately, so it is simple to determine why you'd wish to get tribal dragonfly tattoos. But prior to you head out and get your new ink, you've some points to think about. This artwork is heading to possess a permanent location in your system, so you'll need to make certain which you do your study prior to investing your cash.

Tribal Dragonfly TattoosA single with the greatest points I can suggest would be to use a spend tattoo website to obtain tribal dragonfly tattoos. A spend tattoo website provides numerous benefits when compared with heading the free of charge route. A single with the greatest benefits is getting entry to tattoo artists that specialize in tribal artwork. You are able to function hand-in-hand having a tattoo artist to arrive up having a totally distinctive piece of ink.

Tribal Dragonfly TattoosTribal dragonfly tattoos could be a small a lot more complex than normal tattoos, so becoming in a position to function with an artist that specializes in tribal dragonfly tattoos is really a large plus. The other good point that spend tattoo websites provide are evaluations on nearby tattoo shops. You are able to study evaluations of tattoo parlors which are nearby for your region so which you can discover if they do high quality function.

Tribal Dragonfly TattoosAs you are able to see, you'll need to complete some study prior to obtaining a brand new piece of tribal dragonfly tattoos in your system. Should you do, you are able to conserve your self any pricey touch ups. Great luck on obtaining your new tribal dragonfly tattoos!

Tips for Choosing Dog Tattoos

Tips for Choosing Dog TattoosYou are looking for a dog tattoo, which is awesome. Ideally your choice reflects your personal tastes and sense of aesthetics. But now comes the most important part: searching for the perfect image. The time and effort you put in finding the right tattoo will reflect in how much you (and others) love your tattoo, and for how long. So definitely do the hard work, it will be worth it. For my part, I hope I can help with some tips..

First, avoid using Google as your source for images. Google's image search is great for most things, but it doesn't cater to tattoos in specific. More importantly, it is not unique - everyone has access to the same images and options. If you get a tattoo, you want to know that you are the only person who has it - it should be part of who you are.

Tips for Choosing Dog TattoosSecond, try a site that caters specifically to tattoos. The best feature of such sites is that they offer images and resources that are unique and available only to members. For a fee, you can choose images and work personally with a tattoo artist to customize them, so that your tattoo really reflects and satisfies your own unique tastes. On such sites you also find communities of other tattoo lovers, people who have a wealth of enthusiasm and information to share, and can answer your questions, especially if you're a first-timer.

Cartoon Bear Tattoos

Teddy Bear TattooTeddy Bear Tattoo

Paddington Bear TattooPaddington Bear Tattoo

Care Bear TattooCare Bear Tattoo

Winnie the Pooh Bear TattooWinnie the Pooh Bear Tattoo

Blue Bear TattooBlue Bear Tattoo

Bear Tattoo Meaning

Bear Tattoo MeaningOf all the beasts in the animal kingdom, bear tattoos probably have the richest and broadest symbolism across time and cultures.

In Ancient Greece and Egypt, the Great She-Bear was found in the Ursa Major (“Big Dipper”) constellation, and was believed to be the incarnation of the Goddess Artemis (Greek) or Diana (Roman).

In the Old Testament, the bear symbolized cruelty and evil influence, and was used to represent the King of Persia, who brought death to his peoples. Later, Christian artists co-opted the bear as a positive symbol. Ancient lore stated that bear cubs were born shapeless, and were given form by the mother bear. In Christian symbology, this was used as a metaphor for reform and regeneration.

Across Europe, the bear was a symbol of warfare for the Celts, was considered an ancestor to the Lapps (who called it “grandfather”), and became the national symbol of Russian.

The bear probably had the greatest influence on Native American tribes. Though the bear walked upright like a man, it was viewed as a supernatural being, and sometimes as a god. For the Pueblo Indians, the bear represented hunting, battle, and healing. For the Sioux, it was second only to the bison as a totem animal. The bear represented Wind Powers, and stood for the whirlwind, confusing your enemies, curing powers, and the ability to find things.

Bear Tattoo MeaningFor the Native American, the bear was a symbol of self-reflection. Its annual hibernation in a cave was symbolic of our need to use silence to hear the voice of the higher self. The bear represented both the feminine powers connected to earth and creativity, and the masculine powers of strength, courage, persistence, invulnerability, and observation. It was commonly associated with vision quests, and many believed that bears were once people who formed their own spiritual tribe.

If you get a bear tattoo, you may wish to think about what type of bear to use. The common Black bear (which can be black, brown, cinnamon, or blond in color) is the least aggressive of the species. It is clever, and has excellent vision and hearing, but would rather climb a tree than engage in conflict. If your reason for getting a bear tattoo is to symbolize power tempered with wisdom, this might be the route to go.
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