Poster Boy - Michael Fassbender

If you haven't seen summer blockbuster X Men: First Class yet, firstly you must be the only one left yet to see this fantastic film and secondly, you have yet to marvel at the acting talents of German-Irish native Michael Fassbender who portrays the character Magneto.

Fassbender strikes the perfect balance between the unbreakable, revenge-seeking force of Magneto and the emotional ties this character has with his past memories of his family, murdered in a concentration camp. This is not the first film linked to Nazis Fassbender has been involved with as he played Nazi hunter Lt. Archie Hicox alongside Brad Pitt in Inglorious Basterds in 2009.

Fassbender's strong screen presence has gained him a chain of new roles in films due to be released next year co-starring with Keira Knightley, Idris elba and Charlize Theron amongst just a few names. You can catch him next (looking rather dashing) as Mr Rochester in the upcoming film Jane Eyre released this September, check the trailer:


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