Nautical Star Tattoo Designs

star tattoo designs
nautical star with sun tattoo design
The nautical star tattoo design here is pretty damn sharp.  As you can see, this nautical star is inset in the sun.  If this isn't a navigationally based, historically derived tattoo design then one doesn't exist.  

Sailors tattooed these designs on there bodies to symbolically guide themselves home safely to their families and friends from their months at sea, and additionally for the feeling of protection that bearing one had.

You see, the nautical star is symbolic of the North Star (known properly as Polaris), which shown bright it the northern sky on a clear night.  The particular design above is representative not only of Polaris, which is your northern marker, but also of the sunrise after a long night tracking Polaris.  I have been advised that the sun rises in the East, so come morning I should have another marker to navigate by; (assuming all things aren't upside down and I am looking through a glass bottom boat that got rotated 180 degrees)....LOL...That was uncalled for but I couldn't help it.

nautical star tattoo designs
Celtic nautical star tattoo design

The design shown here to the right is a nice twist on the nautical tattoo design in that the star has a bit of a Celtic design flair to it with the interwoven strands.  It is also very well designed.

The nautical star is a five-pointed star, the points of which are split in half and filled with an alternating color (usually black-red or black-white), creating a 3d illusion. 
nautical star tattoos
shooting star nautical tattoo design

This is a very interesting tattoo design idea.  The shooting star tattoo has a few meanings, but one meaning that is fairly consistent is that of the bearer's desire to shoot for the stars in their pursuit, fulfillment, and happiness in other words, to give it all they've got to realize their dreams.

In this artwork, we not only see the shooting star, and it's relative significance, but also the nautical star in a navigational role to guide one's path in life.

This is only my interpretation of this design and could mean something totally different to the owner of this very interesting design.

I keep saying that I will have posts to expand upon previous posts, and I am working on it.  Time and opportunity for research are bit taxing right now, but I haven't forgot.

If any of you saw the previous star tattoo design post, I mentioned something about a star design being questionable.  No one posted a comment, but the reason I mentioned that is with a five-point star design, if the leading point is pointing down instead of up, it is said to be indicative of the devil and/or witchcraft.  

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